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End User Support

5Q TechIQ’s IT experts are here to provide the support your team needs to stay operational despite the roadblocks technology might throw your way.  

You Can Call TechIQ When...

You're locked out of your computer.


5Q TechIQ’s team members are specifically trained to assist users within commercial real estate organizations. This means they understand the unique challenges of your users and have the skills and service quality to service your team efficiently. 




Our team is equipped to handle both small and large organizations and portfolios which means you have the ability to easily scale your business without worrying about whether or not your IT department can handle the growth. 


Our team members are the best in the business. With enhanced training and CRE experience, our team knows how to ensure you are staying secure and compliant with your policies.  


5Q TechIQ equips you with built-in automations that alert us before you even know you need help. This allows us to solve issues before they affect your work flow.  


With 5Q, your organization receives support from top talent in the industry for a fraction of the cost, enabling you to put your money where your business needs it most.  

You might have a high IQ, but do you have TechIQ? 

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